We are perfectionists 
and at the same time 
agile directors

We specialize in creative planning and managing the event perfectly, from building the concept & design to directing on the spot.
We have sharp and sophisticated sensibilities, quick responsiveness and attention to the smallest details.
The vast and strong network of skilled and professional vendors will collaborate to make a perfect event under POP’s umbrella.


Event concept building & development
We offer the ideal concepts and methods to accommodate each
and every different type of event with a deep understanding
and accumulated know-how in luxurious fashion, beauty and VVIP-related services.
Event contents planning & managing
We provide integrated services that range from invitations to displays, program contents,
catering services, flower decorations, manpower and farewell gifts in order to propose strategies
that cater to the client’s needs in a systematic way.
Event execution & directing
We execute successful events through professional operations
by working with the best and most experienced staff in the industry
to raise the value of our clients and thus ourselves by building long-term relationships.


Y.K. LEE   이윤경 She started her career as an event director from 1994  
and experienced diverse events from the corporate events of local brands 
to many global projects for fashion and global brands as like
BMW,CHANEL,Levis,Nestle,Coca-cola etc. for 7 years.

From 2001 to 2009, she worked at CHANEL as an event director in
  communications department for 8 years and 
managed many top-class events of 3 categories 
Fashion, Fine Jewelry and beauty products including CRM events for VIPs.

On the basis of the experience and know-how it has accumulated over years 
in event field and at CHANEL, she started her business specialized in planning 
and directing event for luxurious brands in 2010.
She is CEO and Creative director of POP Inc.now.  


More partners than clients.
We are reliable experts which we lead and support your events successfully.
That is why we have the long-term partnership with several brands.